Munca versus anti-capitalism :)

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Munca versus anti-capitalism :)

Post by Corinna on Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:02 pm

<< But the next time one handed a paper freely to Wang Lung it was a man of the city, a young man well-clothed, who talked loudly as he distributed sheets hither and thither among the crowds who swarm about anything new and strange in a street. This paper bore also a picture of blood and death, but the man who died this time was not white-skinned and hairy but a man like Wang Lung himself, a common fellow, yellow and slight and black of hair and eye and clothed in ragged blue garments. Upon the dead figure a great fat one stood and stabbed the dead figure again and again with a long knife he held. It was a piteous sight and Wang Lung stared at it and longed to make something of the letters underneath. He turned to the man beside him and he said, "Do you know a character or two so that you may tell me the meaning of this dreadful thing?"
And the man said, "Be still and listen to the young teacher; he tells us all."
And so Wang Lung listened, and what he heard was what he had never heard before.
"The dead man is yourselves," proclaimed the young teacher, "and the murderous one who stabs you when you are dead and do not know it are the rich and the capitalists, who would stab you even after you are dead. You are poor and downtrodden and it is because the rich seize everything."
Now, that he was poor, Wang Lung knew full well, but he had heretofore blamed it on a heaven that would not rain in its season, or, having rained, would continue to rain as though rain were an evil habit. When there was rain and sun in proportion so that the seed would sprout in the land and the stalk bear grain, he did not consider himself poor.
Therefore he listened in interest to hear further what the rich men had to do with this thing, that heaven would not rain in its season. And at last when the young man had talked on and on but had said nothing of this matter where Wang Lung's interest lay, Wang Lung grew bold and asked, "Sir, is there any way whereby the rich who oppress us can make it rain so that I can work on the land?"
At this the young man turned on him with scorn and replied, "Now how ignorant you are, you who still wear your hair in a long tail! No one can make it rain when it will not, but what has this to do with us? If the rich would share with us what they have, rain or not would matter none, because we would all have money and food."
A great shout went up from those who listened, but Wang Lung turned away unsatisfied. Yes, but there was the land. Money and food are eaten and gone, and if there is not sun and rain in proportion, there is again hunger. >> - pasaj preluat din The Good Earth, de Pearl Buck

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